Who are the Dynamic Doulas?

We are Lara, and Sarah

We’ve supported over 100 families together. This started as a hobby, and has grown into us being the busiest Doula Practice.

We started out as an RMT, and Kinesiologist respectively. We both have a passion for anatomy, physiology, and the human body. We adore seeing families go through the transformation of birth.

We created this course because we had so many clients hiring us for second births after horrible first birth induction experiences. People had no idea what could happen, or what risks may be involved. Did you know an induction can fail? Did you know it could take over 48 hours? Did you know there are ways to optimize your induction? Did you know you can say no?

We can help

Whether you're already scheduled for an induction, or they are just being brought up at appointments. Or maybe you're just covering all your bases being super informed.

We can improve your outcomes, we can give you evidence based information to help you make informed choices. We can let you know our tips and tricks for how to have an empowered, and positive induction experience.

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