High expectations with no preparation.

Our parents generations kept Dad's out of the birthing rooms.

Hundreds of years of our ancestors had women in the villages supporting other women through childbirth.

Until the last 2o years or so, it wasn't the norm to have the expectation that our husbands/partners would not only attend the birth, but also play an important role.

We see first hand how much we need a birth support person who is educated and confident. Not who is overwhelmed and terrified of the process.

When you're labouring you need to remain in your primal brain. The non thinking area. You are doing, and being, but not making decisions.

The birth partner has a unique role of advocacy, support, and encouragement.


Birth can be scary, loud, boring, stressful, and intense.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to learn about pregnancy, birth and postpartum so you can feel prepared to be the partner she NEEDS you to be.

You can come out of your birth closer, more in love, and a much stronger team than you were before.


We are Lara, and Sarah. Co-owners of Dynamic Doulas. We have been doulas for over ten years and have learned so much about being a birth support partner. We know not everyone can afford a doula. We also know how much benefit there is when a partner is confident, educated, and prepared for the realities of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Thats right, we cover the before, the during AND the after.

The transition into parenthood can be riddled with trials, stresses, and overwhelm. We are here to make it a little bit easier on you.

Consider us the Coles notes to make you, the husband, friend, partner, baby daddy, whatever you identify as; SHINE.

You are an important part of your baby's birth

The more you learn and understand about birth, the easier it will be for you to be present and involved.

Your support matters

We have witnessed so many variations of support partners, and we see it pay off when a team is vibing together. This has the potential to make you fall so much more in love, feel so much closer, and take a step into parenting feeling good.

You know each other, we know birth.

That's why we make the perfect team. We want to share our expertise in the human body, hormones and physiology to help you avoid birth trauma, and have a beautiful birth day.

Example Curriculum

  Lesson One: Support throughout pregnancy, and preparing for the birth.
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  Lesson Two: The BIG day
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days after you enroll
  Lesson Three: The baby is OUT!
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days after you enroll

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Words from our clients

An absolutely wonderful experience learning from these two wise doulas! We found the prenatal class to be really informative and helpful. I am excited to learn more from them with their post-partum services and massage therapy. I found their perspectives to be really balanced and flexible, which helped me feel reassured and more relaxed about the "mystery" of child birth.

My husband and I loved our kitchen table prenatal class. Lara and Sarah are so clearly passionate about what they do, it comes through in spades during the class. We both feel more ready and calmer about labour, birth and having a baby! Thanks you two:)