My birth was traumatic,

I have no idea what went wrong.

Birth trauma occurs for 1 in every 4 people.

This is not your fault. We should be talking about birth, our bodies, and how to trust our own instincts.

In high school we need to be learning about pregnancy, birth, motherhood, postpartum, menstrual cycles, birth control... the list goes on.

We see the holes in the system.

Society leads us to believe we need to be saved.

We need to be rescued from the scary birth scenarios like cords around the neck, or wonky heart rates.

We need cesarean sections available for over 30% of births.

That stat should be much lower.

When you know birth, bodies, and your own inherent wisdom; you being to put together that maybe if you were just left to your primal devices, things may have been better.

"I want a different birth" was created to help YOU heal from your first birth, unlearn, and prepare to have a better, empowered experience.

Hi, we're Sarah and Lara;

The Dynamic Doulas

We've been doulas for over ten years, and have supported hundreds of families in person, and multiple others from a distance. We provide education and support from a physiological bias.

We know women, and we know birth.

Clients so often hire us for their second or third births, because their first birth was traumatic.

They didn't take a prenatal class.

They went with the flow.

They didn't know any different, that they could ask questions or that they had the right to say no.

Birth trauma is too common, and most of the time it is avoidable. It's caused by poor care providers, lack of information and informed consent, and a complete disregard for general kindness.

We created this course for you to heal from your first birth, and to start to build the foundational power that YOU can have a different experience. A positive experience, with you in the drivers seat.

Let your intuition guide you, and have us to fall back on for support.

We know what you're capable of!

Why would you take the

"I want a different birth" class?

Did your first birth feel like it was a run away train.

No where to get off, no control over the destination? 

Did you not see the value in a prenatal class, and then realize there is SO much to know that you hadn’t even thought of? I thought my OB or midwife was going to provide the education!

Do you wish for an experience where you know more, have more choice and autonomy and feel in control?

We know from experience, you cannot control everything, but what you can control is your mindset. 

We have developed the perfect workshop for the subsequent birthers…

This class is for you if:

-one of the above statements resonates with you

-you want a different experience than you have had before 

-you want your partner to be better prepared this time around

-you want to be better prepared this time. 

-you know more is possible

-you want to be excited for your birth

You want them on your side

After a traumatic birth with my first child I wanted something different. Trauma I thought I had healed came up through my second pregnancy and Sarah was always there when I needed her. Having that support through an emotional pregnancy made all the difference. The birth of my daughter was bliss. I laugh as I say that but it really was the birth I always knew I was capable of. Having a more positive birth experience lead to a beautiful postpartum time (all very different than my first birth and postpartum). Lara and Sarah are empowered humans who hold space for any and all birth choices. You want them on your side. They will give you all the science you want and lovingly remind you to trust your instincts, too. You may have heard the saying "hurt people hurt people", well Sarah and Lara are living examples of how EMPOWERED PEOPLE EMPOWER PEOPLE.

When we know better, we do better

My decision to hire a doula was based on uncertainty and lack of knowledge about what to expect for the birth of my first child. Sarah and Lara host a very informative prenatal class that will put you at ease and make you and your partner feel ready for labour and delivery (don't know what I wouldve done without hip squeezes!).

Birth and the medical system can be a lot to navigate especially when it is your first child.
During the later stages of pregnancy Sarah provided me with many evidence based resources which allowed me to trust my intuition and help me have the birth I envisioned.

It was exactly what I didn't know I needed

At first, I didn’t think I needed a prenatal class because I thought I had a pretty good understanding of the basics. But, after a few recommendations and 32 weeks of pregnancy, I decided to commit- albeit a little late. Either way, my decision quickly became validated as my husband and I went on the virtual prenatal journey with Sarah. I was beyond shocked at how much we learned and how much calmer I felt about labour and giving birth by the end of our sessions. It was informative, raw, educational, and honest. It was exactly what I didn’t know I needed. Take the plunge with the Dynamic Doulas of London- you won’t regret it!

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